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ePimps` Directory

Club Khash (this guy has a neat application)
Curry the mullethead motor boy
Dominant Seeks Prince *FIRST WOMAN ePimps`*
Hessian Love and mullets
Jesco sure can dance!
Jesus H. Christ
John Likes Older Men
Kevin loves the ladies
Larry really needs a friend
Lost: One Girlfriend
Mahir: I Kiss You!
Mullets mullets a mullet!
Obi-Wan Kenobi: I Kiss You!(spoof)
Peter Pan
Roy: Born to Destroy
Sebastian the Australian
Skulls/animated porn/he has it all
Trailer Trash (not ALRoC)
Walter's Mission
Wendel is 2 sexy 4 U.
Here are some teasers:
This is the man that started it all. His sexy "gigolo" (and he freely admits it) body made me laugh so hard I had to make this page. He states that he is "incredibly wealthy" as evidenced by "all the gold I am wearing. They are 100% real and not the cheap ones you see many Americans wearing." This page will have to be hosted at my site because for some reason the beautiful images of his "1999 Mercedes Benz S class" are broken. There used to be a number up and someone called it however the line was busy. Visit IndoPimp and see exactly what started this craze.
Larry really needs a friend. His claim to fame is that he is collecting back issues written by Chris Claremont and drawn by John Byrne. He loves Dungeons and Dragons and comic books. He is a beauty. Id love to put him on a t-shirt. "I would not mind hearing from females, especially female elves." ROCK ON LARRY. Please click on Larry needs a friend in order to view his whole web page and even send him an email.
This is Peter. His page specifically states "...I do like to look androgynous, I must clarify that I am only interested in a female for a romantic relationship. Also as you may guess from my Fashion Pages, I'm kind of "fetishy" about my appearance and these costumes I make." Peter likes music, programming, and clubbing, he runs his own ministry, and hes one sexy little monkey. "My business card says: "Guitarist, Engineer, Inventor, Eternal Child", which about sums it up."  For a real good time go through and read up on his clothes that he makes. Most of them are influenced by art and while his fashion tastes aren't necessarily of the norm, than man can use a sewing machine.  He is probably one of the most date-able ePimps` I have seen and he is for real. He also cries to romantic movies...what a guy!  Please follow the link Peter Pan to read up on this Eternal Child.

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