What exactly is ePimps` and what is with that ` at the end?

ePimps` are any person or thing that displays their body, possessions, and hobbies in such a manner as to attract the opposite or same sex.  This display can either be in URL form, profiles for chat, or anything else that is available to the public on the world wide web. Recently, I have decided to allow pictures into the ePimps` category. These pictures must display some kind of ePimps` quality. That usually means it made me laugh for I have a sick sense of humor sometimes. ePimps` can be either male or female. There are no stereotypes.  The ` at the end of ePimps` is a metaphorical feather in the aformentioned pimp hat (think Lou Vega).

Is Lou Vega ePimps`?

Rest assured the title of ePimps` will not be degraded by the addition of Lou Vega to the list.  We, as a civilized society, have had enough torment from the likes of Lou with the advent of Mambo #5.  ePimps` cannot be held responsible just because Lou Vega had the taste to always wear a feather in his hat and dress like a shameless pimp.

Can ePimps` want to attract anything else besides human beings?

This would not be a politically correct webpage without the addition of the disclaimer that ePimps` can be searching for that perfect animal to love and adore.

How do I submit my page, or a page I found, to the ePimps` directory?

Well, you can just point your mouse over here and click so that you can use our patented ePimps` form to alert the ePimps` Eligability Committee. The form is a Tripod cgi module, so if you don't see your link up in a week send it in again, it is likely I didn't get it. For some reason cgi and Tripod doesn't work too well. Links will be dealt with in a timely manner. Remember we all have lives here.

Exactly what is the best criteria for determining ePimps` Eligability?

The best criteria that describes ePimps` are No Shame.  If you have no shame, and your webpage displays no shame, then you surely must be Certified ePimps`.

I found someone in the ePimps` directory that I want to date, will you help me contact this person?

No.  ePimps` is not a dating service. We just gently guide you to the man, woman, or animal of your dreams. There is one exception and that is Sebastian the Australian. I know him personally and will be 100 percent happy to forward him any kind of email you would like to send me.

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