Pussy Pimpin`

Lobstahead has been implicated in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in NYC and the Pentagon in DC.
"Monday night we took out the trash, Duey didn't fully close the door. So in the morning Dingo found the door open and closed it. He didn't remember to check for the cat. I ran to work and didn't notice the lack of cat either. When I came home I shook the Pounce treat outdoors and he came running. That was a 12am to 6pm window on September 11th that Lobstahead was gone. He has been a little frisky since then and he hasn't gotten out since. Coincidentally no planes have blown up either."
interview with "Mister X" (he remains nameless to protect himself.)
We have been notified that the FBI has been made fully aware of this possible theory on the terrorist attacks.  Please remain calm. And remember to not always look towards bin Laden when the truth is right here.

Lobsterhead Rules

He is ePimps` for several reasons but the main ones are:

1. Look at that chair! Green 70's vinyl. Screw you, it rules.

2. He stole Sebastian the Australian's knoife.

3. ICEHOUSE!!!!!! (nuff said)

Lobsterhead is the best fucking cat in the world. Suck a cheetah's dick if you don't agree.