This is a little test to see if this graphic looks good on an 800x600 screen. In order for the buttons on the side to be clickable I would have to make an image map. This is something I have yet to learn how to do. I could also make some sweet mouseovers but that would require me to make second images of the buttons and then make a second image of the side image. That is something I do not feel like tackling today since this image drained every ounce of brain power. :-)

The C.C. Designs Image and HTML Team consists of Andrea 'the Gimp' and Christine 'no name'. Andrea specializes in The Gimp and Christine specializes in Paint Shop Pro 5.03. We have access to Adobe Photoshop 5 however none of the Team here at C.C. Designs is proficient in that Imaging Program quite yet.

C.C. Designs was named after a secret word. Maybe one day we shall reveal our secret, but until then, we are selfish and we won't. (Maybe for a million dollars we might).

I believe that is all I have to say now, since I am only using up this space to ensure that the text moves up to the top of the table and looks decent to the average web viewer.

Thank you for your interest in C.C. Designs.